The Affordable Care Act Turns 3 Take Action

In just a few months, millions of Americans will be able to shop for and enroll in new health insurance options in the Health Insurance Marketplaces. The state Marketplaces will act as online shopping centers and provide an easier way to shop for health insurance. An estimated 1 out of 4 people in the Marketplaces will speak a language other than English at home. That’s why it’s critical that federal and state officials implementing health reform provide translated applications and language services for individuals who do not speak English.

You can help make sure that health reform works for everyone! Take Action and send a postcard to Secretary Kathleen Sebelius at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Share with Secretary Sebelius why the successful enrollment of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander communities will depend on the availability of translated materials.

To take action and sign the postcard online, please click here.

To learn more about the Health Insurance Marketplace, please click here.