[PRESS RELEASE] The Ohio State Bar Foundation Continues Support for ASIA’s Community Legal Education Project II

For Immediate Release
June 25, 2013
Please contact: Rui Zhang, Communication and Policy Assistant | rzhang@asiaohio.org | 330-535-3263 x 224


The Ohio State Bar Foundation Continues Support for ASIA’s Community Legal Education Project II

Cleveland, OH – Asian Services In Action, Inc. (ASIA) is pleased to announce that the Ohio State Bar Foundation awarded grant in the amount of $39,583 to ASIA to continuously support its Community Legal Education Project (CLEP). With the previous support from the Ohio State Bar Foundation in 2011, ASIA developed and implemented its first project (CLEP I) which was well received by the community. With the current grant support, ASIA will continue to provide valuable legal educational and informational workshops to underserved low-income, limited English proficient Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) immigrants and refugees.

In 2011, CLEP I focused on emerging issues or concerns faced by the community including traffic law, estate planning, and immigration. Through ASIA’s course of offering legal services, there were consistent legal issues emerging among the immigrant and refugee clients. Therefore, CLEP II is designed to continuously provide legal education to the growing Asian American population in Cuyahoga and Summit Counties and to address the emerging legal issues or topics, such as divorce, child custody, consumer credit, bankruptcy, personal finance, housing, and employment discrimination.

With the Ohio State Bar Foundation’s generous support, ASIA is dedicated to provide the AAPI immigrant and refugee communities with access to valuable legal education that is linguistically specific and culturally appropriate and to enhance their understanding of the legal process in the United States.


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