June and the Lins: A Long Journey

June and the Lins: A Long Journey

June* has lived in Cleveland’s AsiaTown for over 10 years.  She is one of hundreds in the city who must travel 8 hours out of state for health care.  Whenever June needs medical care, she boards the midnight AsiaTown bus to see doctors at a community health center in New York City, where providers understand her culture, the paperwork is in her native language, and she does not have to wait days for an appointment.

When Mrs. Lin*, another long-time Cleveland resident, was diagnosed with cancer, she and her husband also took the midnight bus to New York City for her cancer treatments.  There, Mrs. Lin could participate in her own care by consulting comfortably with a health provider who understood the herbal remedies and other traditional measures she undertook to strengthen her qi.

Mr. and Mrs. Lin made this trip at least once a month for almost a year.  Eventually, Mrs. Lin needed so much care, and the monthly commute became so stressful, that the couple was forced to leave their home and move to New York.  They were in their late 60s.

The stories of June and the Lins illustrate the critical and urgent need to improve and expand access to primary health care services for the uninsured, underserved, and vulnerable populations of Northeast Ohio.  After hearing countless similar stories from our community, ASIA is taking action by opening a health center in AsiaTown.  The ASIA International Community Health Center (ASIA-ICHC) will deliver comprehensive, culturally and linguistically appropriate healthcare on a sliding scale to all community members, especially those who face economic or language barriers to care.  (Click here to read about ASIA-ICHC in the news.)

Please join other supporters and make a gift to ensure that community members like June and the Lins can receive care which respects their culture and is delivered in the language they understand best.  Your contribution to the ASIA International Community Health Center and other critical programs will help individuals, families, and communities achieve optimal health and well-being.  Click here to give this holiday season.

Healthy and Happy Holidays from everyone at ASIA!

Would you like to help lead the growth of ASIA-ICHC?  We are seeking dynamic, community-minded, and passionate family practice physician to serve as our medical director.  Click here to learn more.

*Names have been changed to protect patient confidentiality