HAPI Fresh Vegetables Available for Order in Akron

Place your order for unique produce from ASIA’s HAPI Fresh agricultural program by tomorrow Thursday, August 30.  Pick them up at ASIA’s Akron office (map) between 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. on Friday, August 31.  Try something new in the kitchen for dinner.

Call (216) 881-0330 or email Nar Pradhan at nar@asiaohio.org to place your order.

Vegetables Available for Week of Aug. 27

Ho Mi Z: $2.75/lb

Russian Kale: $3.50/lb

Gai Choi / 小芥菜: $2.50/lb

Gai Lan / 芥蘭: $2.95/lb

Lettuce (Romaine, Red Fire, Butterhead) / 生菜: $2.75/ lb

Komatsuna / 日本波菜: $2.75/lb

Tat Choi / 塔菜: $2.75/lb

Tomato (Heirloom) / 番茄: $1.85/lb

Yu Choi / 油菜: $2.75/lb

Kabocha / 日本南瓜: $1.35/lb (sold by the piece)

Zucchini / 西葫蘆 (翠玉瓜): $1.25/lb (sold by the piece)

Cucumber / 黃瓜: (M)  $1,  (L) $1.50

Wax Bean (Yellow) / 蜡豆(黃色): $1.99/lb

Bok Choy / 青江白菜: $2.50/lb