[Event] Bhutanese Lucky Seniors Program

The Lucky Senior Program is a congregate meal program where seniors and disabled elders in the city of Akron join together in social activities. The weekly social program is funded by Direction Home, while ASIA provides food for meals and a venue for the seniors to gather together. Education on a variety of topics are provided, ranging from health, safety, benefits etc.


The Bhutanese Group meets every Friday, in particular, this past Friday on June 10th, Chief of Staff for the Mayor of Akron, James Hardy, attended the event. James met with the seniors where they were able to voice their concerns and thoughts in terms of what mattered to them, as well as other needs they have. Through an interpreter, James voiced his support for the community and vowed to work with ASIA to better address those senior’s needs.


James Hardy also met with staff at ASIA to discuss the state of the seniors as well as learn about programs to address these issues.