Carnegie Corporation Discusses The Right To Vote


Carnegie Corporation of New York recently attended a workshop of The New Americans Campaign conference in Huston, Texas in September. Three of ASIA, Inc. staff members attended the conference aimed at Naturalization and Citizenship.


  • Eunice Park – Immigration Attorney
  • Sally Chan – Program Coordinator/ESOL Instructor
  • Kimlee Sureemee – Assistant Manager of Policy, Advocacy, and Development

Carnegie Corporation of New York interviewed Kimlee and other Civic Engagement leaders why it’s important for recently naturalized citizens to vote.  Here’s what she said:

“In our refugee environment, we stress the importance of creating an environment where you want to live, and you do that with the power to vote. The [refugee] community is very timid about heading to public polls, so we focus on absentee ballots to ensure they can still participate. Placing  the ballot envelopes in the mail is when they feel that they are making the difference.”

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