Alston Bannerman Fellowship Program Offers Sabbaticals for Long-Time Activists of Color

Asian Services In Action, Inc. is pleased to announce that Alston Bannerman Fellowship Program is available for long-time activists of color to take sabbaticals of three months or more.

Part of the Center for Social Inclusion, the Alston Bannerman Fellowship Program supports long-time activists of color by giving them the resources to take time out for reflection and renewal.

Fellows receive a $25,000 award to take sabbaticals of three months or more.

To be eligible, an applicant must be a person of color, have more than ten years of community organizing experience, be committed to continuing social change work in communities of color, and live in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, or U.S. Virgin Islands. Both paid and unpaid leaders are eligible to apply.

Beyond the basic eligibility criteria, the program seeks applicants whose work attacks root causes of inequity by organizing those affected to take strategic collective action, challenges the systems that perpetrate injustice and effect institutional and structural change, builds community capacity for democratic participation and develops grassroots leadership, acknowledges the cultural values of the community, creates accountable participatory structures in which community members have decision-making power, and contributes to building a movement for social change by making connections between issues, developing alliances with other constituencies, and collaborating with other organizations.

2010 Fellowship Application Deadline is APRIL 13, 2010.

Visit the Alston Bannerman Fellowship Website for complete program information at


Eligibility criteria: